Living with a Condition

Life is and never was Fair!

This may sound cliche but it is a fact. Life gives us experiences which are meant to help us become better.

Having said this, how does it feel when you are diagnosed with a condition that is either life threatening or life altering?

Conditions which can alter life & crash dreams!

Is it possible to have a positive outlook then?

Let’s discuss this further…..

Many people living an ambitious life which is full of hopes, find their dreams dashed when they are diagnosed with conditions ranging like mental conditions, diabetes, cancer etc. This discovery affects them and everyone around them as changes need to made without which living in this 3D world would be out of question

I can relate to this strongly as I was diagnosed with a form of Epilepsy in Sept 2017.

Conditions related to Brain

The word itself strikes fear owing to two things:

  1. It is related to the brain (the least understood part of the body)
  2. Epilepsy is equated with violent seizures & loss of consciousness in the patients

This is the furthest away from the truth.

There are dozen different types of epilepsy which originate from different parts of the brain. The reason why someone gets it is still unclear and there is no cure for it. The last statement does sound a little ominous but as medical science has advanced, it has brought its dividends to patients who can take medical pills and control the seizures relatively well.

In my case, I have an epilepsy condition which originates from the Temporal Lobe of the Brain. It does not lead to violent seizures or unconsciousness but leads to absentia for a small duration of time. The temporal lobe is the seat of long & short memory. Any variation in the electrical condition causes the alteration of the information and difficulty in recollection/retention.

Post diagnosis & initiation of medicines in the daily routine, I am now seizure free for about 3years now (with the meds playing a key role) – meditation, conversation with the loved ones, good sleep and light/medium exercise have helped. In the event of aborted seizures (yes they do happen even If you take meds), terrible headaches and body soreness are left behind as a by-product.

Living with epilepsy is and was never easy. Meds make you gain weight & play with your mood. This is huge turn-off when someone is either trying for a relationship/marriage or a challenging professional role in their life.

Considering this, accepting the limitations and doing the needful is the way out.

Regarding me, I have gone about with my journey even when people around me have not been able to understand the condition despite their best intentions. Also, I have delved into the world of Entrepreneurship (It might sound as the last thing to do considering the stress, lack of sleep & pressure associated with it). Indeed, it is a challenging but not giving up and striving for something, are the basic traits of human nature.

International Symbol for Awareness of Epilepsy

Why am I writing about this?

There are many people out there with life threatening/altering conditions. Despite this, they go about their life quietly without making any fuss about the same.

In stark contrast, we find healthy people who are doing good in their life but are cribbing for things which they will eventually get or something which is way beyond their reach.

Owing to this, I urge people who have any conditions to share their thoughts openly(especially with conditions related to their brain). We are not alone and being together gives the necessary endurance. Being frank & outspoken helps in attracting the right kind of people in life.

I have followed this…..

Let me know what you think. Share your views & thoughts through the comments setion

God Bless!!

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