What are the effects of Venus in the 8th house mean for a Sagittarius Ascendant?

Sagittarius Zodiac is a fiery sign ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter. The planet rules the following aspects in the person’s life:

  • It signifies of wealth/finance, learning, and Children
  • It is the significator of the Husband in the lady’s horoscope
  • It is one of the most benefic planets that has a 5th, 7th, and 9th aspect
Jupiter Ruler of Zodiac of Pisces & Sagittarius

According to the Kalpurush Kundali, it is the natural 9th House that represents Father, Guru, Higher Learning, Boss at work, Religious Inclination of a person, etc.

Sagittarius Zodiac ruled by the Planet Jupiter

The 8th house for Sagittarius Ascendant is the Cancer Zodiac (Ruled by Moon). The house represents Secrets, Bed pleasure, Mining, Sudden Events like accidents, surgery, death in life.

Kalpurush Kundli

Cancer Zodiac is the original 4th house as per the Kalpurush Kundali. It represents – Mother, Home, Homeland, Happiness, Land & physical assets

Cancer Zodiac ruled by Moon

Planet Venus is the ruler of the Zodiac of Libra and Taurus. It represents love, romance, arts, female, luxury, etc.

Planet of Luxury and Love – Venus

Placement of Venus in the 8th House(Cancer Zodiac) for a Sagittarius Ascendant can have the following results:

  • Joint assets post-marriage can see more expenditure towards beautifying one’s home
  • The relationship with in-laws will be a little tumultuous initially but will get better with time
  • Lord of 6th(Taurus) & 11th(Libra) is placed in the 8th house shows that the person can be inclined in research activities through service in an MNC in areas like Pharma, Mining & shaping of Precious Crystals, etc.
  • The individual with the following placement may have more colleagues/co-workers from the opposite sex
  • This position is challenging as it is a Vipreet Rajyoga(6th House in 8th House). The individual can gain through enemies if they keep their emotions in check and focus on their karma

Hope you find this helpful. Do share and subscribe if it has been able to bring clarity with regards to understanding astrology.

God Bless!

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