How will the spouse and married life of a groom be for Cancer ascendant with Saturn in 7 house?

Let us list down the information provided

  1. Cancer Ascendant
  2. Saturn in the 7th House
Astrology Chart of Cancer Ascendant

A few things need to be added at the start itself

  • Saturn is the ruler of the 7th(Zodiac: Capricorn) and 8th House(Zodiac: Aquarius) for the Cancer Ascendant
  • The placement of Saturn is crucial as aspects of the 3rd, 7th, and 10th House from Itself
  • The placement of the Moon in the chart is also crucial as along with representing the self, the moon also represents our mind, emotions, and relation with our mother. An affliction through a bad placement or aspect on the Moon by Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, or Mars can cause challenges in dealing with important aspects of one’s life
Moon: Planet linked to Emotions, Mother, and Homeland

Now, let us look at what can be observed based on the information provided

  1. The placement of Saturn in its own house of Capricorn provides its strength. It shows that an individual is able to grow slowly but surely in their workplace, in relations, and in the married life
  2. Saturn Aspects the 9th House of Luck(Pisces Zodiac) owing to this, the individual will be able to open new venues in their life through their hard work and determination
  3. Saturn Aspects the 1st House – Ascendant (Cancer Zodiac), owing to this, the individual will prefer to stick to some principles and discipline despite not wanting to be in grove all the time
  4. Saturn Aspects the 4th House of Home, Happiness, Mother (Libra Zodiac), owing to this, the individual will be able to overcome challenges and get their goals as they progress in life. Nothing can be assumed as a given
  5. The Placement of the Moon is also crucial as it will decide the ability to stick to decisions once they are made
  6. As Saturn is in Capricorn, results will be delayed but not denied. It is best to put your head down and work (whether at your job or making new friends or in your marital relationship)

Hope this helps

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God Bless!!

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