About Lateral Thinking

My name is Gurudatt Rao(mostly addressed as Guru). I am a researcher with advanced degrees in engineering & science from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) – Bombay and The Ohio State University(OSU).

After many years in the industry/academia, I felt the need to share my knowledge & give back. In the online mode, I find this medium(blogging) to be very cogent.

This led to the conceptualization of  “Lateral Thinking“.

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Despite my background, I have an inclination towards the financial markets and advocate financial independence quite vociferously which can be generated in three ways

  • Planning your goals
  • Disciplined Investing
  • Generating a route for Passive Income

This was another reason which led to the evolution of  “Lateral Thinking“.

As an individual, I love to travel, communicate with people & learn about their culture, try new cuisines, try new versions of coffee/tea.

This is something which I intend to add going ahead

In the end, as a budding entrepreneur, I earnestly believe that owing to the evolving technological & geo-political-economical situations of the world, micro-level entrepreneurship is the way to go. This aspect will be encapsulated in the blogs of “Lateral Thinking“.

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