Towards Green Living……….

Climate Change

With the planet bearing the brunt of climate change owing to Green House Gas(GHG) emissions from sources like

  • Automobiles
  • Factories
  • Homes, Schools, Offices
  • Dump yards, Landfills
  • Shipping, Airways
  • Mining
  • Deforestation
  • Agriculture
Climate Change affecting the weather & temperatures

We are trying to make an earnest attempt to substitute items in our day-to-day use by environmental friendly products like bamboo, sabai grass, cane, jute etc.

Join us preserving the planet so that our children can live a safe and pleasant life on our planet that we call – ‘Home’.

Sustainable products

Sustainable Products made from Bamboo which is meant for enhancing the beauty of home in the upcoming Festive Season. Sourced directly from the North-East India by co-working with the skillful artisans who bring years of experience and cultural touch to the products

Get in touch to buy/gift these to your friends, family and colleagues

Bamboo based Ganesha

Handcrafted Bamboo

Bamboo based Flower Pot

Bamboo based Handcrafted Jug

Souvenir Boxes (Handcrafted)

Crafted Peacock

Bamboo Baskets
Bamboo based Souvenirs

Cultural Designs

Bamboo Bottles

Sustainable Indulgence

Party with Reusable Cups

Cultural Gifts

Bamboo Tray

Get in touch via email: to know more about the products and how you can get them.

God Bless!

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