Uric acid – The Silent Prowler

Today, I am writing this post to convey my journey of dealing with “Uric acid”. I was aware of the term but never thought I would be suffering from its effects.

For the past 1.5-2 years, I have been going around hearing opinions from experts about how to deal with high uric acid.As I am currently recovering from an aggravated case of avascular necrosis(AVN) of the foot sesamoid bone, the uric acid issue is aggravating the problem.

To keep the spiraling uric acid value in control, doctors have suggested cutbacks on food intake which has left me with very few options to eat or drink.


Since March 2016, on the doctor’s advice, exercise has been totally curtailed as putting additional stress on the foot is not advisable. This has also served as an ideal excuse for my weight to balloon beyond 100kg. As uric acid and weight have a direct relation, it had spiked to a peak value of ~10mg/L! (for an adult any value above 7.2mg/L is considered unsafe)


The doctor after studying my case found out that my uric acid issue is genetic in nature. He decided to put me on medication to somehow bring down the value. Febuccip 40mg /Zyloric 100mg have become part of my daily life now. The next time when I did my Kidney Functional Test(KFT), I found my levels had started reducing and converging to the normal value. Still, the issue of weight gain and insufficient nutrition was left unresolved.

Breaking the Cycle

Here, I decided to go and consult a professional dietician. She corrected my notions about uric acid, calorie intake, and nutrition. She also guided me on the lifestyle to be followed based on my condition. I am now on my way to attain the normal weight just by eating right.

From my experience, I can just say that please consult a proper dietician rather than self-diagnosing/treating through the internet.

Also, clarify your doubts whenever they arise from a certified professional.


Fig 1. Ask a medically certified doctor when in doubt[2]

This is my personal experience. Share your views in the comments section or email me at u2d2tech@gmail.com.



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