External Article: Why is Faraday Grid in News? Read on to know more…..

We normally hear the slogan that CO2 emissions can be reduced by switching to Renewable energy as they are in abundance as compared to fossil fuels and have to downsides.

But Ironically, this is true only up to a point

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar do not produce the same amount of output throughout the day. Hence if they are plugged into the power grid, the overall output will also keep on varying. Currently, we can plug only 30% renewable energy sources without affecting grid stability.

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Fig 1. Renewable Sources of Energy

(Image Ref.: http://indiacsr.in/global-trends-in-renewable-energy-investment-report-gtr/)

A start-up Faraday Grid-based out Edinburgh seems to have the answer to instability caused due to renewables linked to the grid. They propose to develop a Faraday Exchanger which dynamically controls the parameters like voltage, frequency and power factor over a range of operation.

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Fig 2. Renewable Sources of Energy

(Image Ref.: http://www.faradaygrid.com/)


The below article highlights the journey this start-up has made and vision that it has to revolutionize the power sector and replacing the transformers while helping consumers reduce their bills and carbon footprint.


Faraday Exchanger Concept

Faraday Grid has a partnership in technology development with Scottish Power and UK Power Networks to roll out its product across the UK.

There is a scheduled US launch somewhere in 2018. Regarding the UK, Founder & CEO Andrew Scobie launch would be likely in 2019 or 2020 because of compliance and certification processes[3].

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