Stability in Life

One of the things that I hear often especially from people who are looking out to date or get married isĀ  – ‘Are you Stable?’

Dating Queries

It may sound a normal question for many, neutral for many and wierd for some.

Normally, the quantification of ‘Stability’ is as follows:

  • Draws Monthly Salary
  • Bank Balance
  • Assets like house, car etc.

Requirement for ‘Stability’

Having said this, there is a good counter to it. There is no doubt all three look plausible at face value but let’s delve into it:

  • Covid outbreak has shown that an extremely well paying job can vaporise when the tide turns
  • Bank Balance is a cushion but it can be vaporized in case of hospitalization or emergencies
  • The assets mentioned are at best depreciating by nature. They cannot be monetized immediately during desparate times

Why stating the above points in counter so important?

The normal believe is – Life runs very well in a fixed conduit but uncertainty is the only constant thing in life and it is best to accept this.

Uncertainty in the form of Covid-19

Appreciating a person’s value system can go a long way rather than looking at nitty gritty.

Relationship Values

Let me know your views and thoughts.

God Bless!

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