Why is HDFC Bank stock hovering in 1400 to 1480 range for the last 3 months? Will there be a breakthrough in the near future?

HDFC Bank has been a blue-eyed boy(metaphorical) for retail, HNIs, domestic & international institutional investors

HDFC Bank Logo

The bank through an amazing focus on governance, lending norms, and focus on generating returns to beat market estimates till Covid-19.

In the Covid-19 period the uncertainties are:

  • NPA provisioning
  • Decrease in appetite for borrowing among retail borrowers
  • Increased competition from new digital entrants
  • Tighter regulations by the RBI
  • Higher cost of borrowing for the bank
HDFC Bank Share Price Performance in the Last Year

Despite a return of ~43% in the past year, the bank will not have a smooth ride going ahead. The past return was based on the pre-covid approach. The post-covid measures will show up in the coming quarters. Subsequent return of Covid-19 with lockdowns can impact returns.

Coronavirus threatens India's banking recovery before it even starts |  Financial Times
Banking Impacted by Covid-19 Outbreak

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