What is to be valued in Life??

For the limited time we spend on earth, it maybe obvious that an individual needs to prioritise spending time with his loved one’s over everything else but does this happen?

What should we value?

It may come as surprise that over the decades, the definition & importance of ‘value’ has been changing. The Covid-19 pandemic has made many cognizant to some realities and forced them to reorient.

Chaos surrounding an Individual

Having stated this, let us delve further.

As a part of the materialistic world where nothing moves without money, ‘Wealth’ accrued via money is considered as the primal point of value.

‘Wealth’ in the form of Money

But does this hold credence?


Why do I state so?

The ultimate aim of a person is to achieve happiness and peace of mind. There are no two doubts about peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

With regards to happiness, the things that can bring it forward can be different for different individuals. The perception of what can make someone happy is also linked to their experiences in life and their aspirations.

Happiness in Life

Having said that, there is no right or wrong here.

Treading towards the Destination

As the saying goes, “There multiple ways in reaching the almighty”.

Multiple ways to the End Goal

Similarly, “There multiple ways of attaining happiness.” What one chooses is an individual choice.

Hope this helps

God Bless!!

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