What are some of the best long term SIP of 500 rupees in October 2021?

Please Note: This is not a recommendation or advice or a tip to make quick money.

If an individual wants to start their journey towards financial independence or make their money work towards a future goal then the best approach would be the financial markets and the best vehicle would be equity-related investments.

Investing in Financial Instruments linked to the Stock Market

Having said that, a few things need to be noted

  1. Focused allocation of money on a monthly basis
  2. The horizon of a minimum of 18–24 months
  3. Stay away from speculation/tips or expert advice from someone known/unknown
  4. Invest money according to your time in the markets
    1. Novice/Beginner: Mutual Funds
    2. Mid-level: Large-Cap Stocks + Mutual Funds
    3. Expert: Stocks(Large-Cap & Mid-Cap) + Mutual Funds

Distinguishing listed companies based on the Individual Market Size

Now coming the question:

Best long term SIP of INR 500 (US $6.6) in October 2021

Query by a curious investor

Past 1-yr performance of the Nifty 50

The amount of money despite low can find some venues for deployment in the Equity-linked Vehicles:

  1. Stocks
    1. Large Cap
      1. ITC
      2. SBI
    2. Mid Cap
      1. Tata Power
      2. BEL
      3. CESC
  2. Mutual Fund
    1. Balanced
      1. ICICI balanced advantage fund
    2. ELSS
      1. Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund
    3. Equity
      1. Axis Bluechip Fund
      2. Kotak Bluechip Fund
      3. Tata Largecap Fund

Balanced Fund from ICICI Prudential that mitigates risk & increases returns

Invest wisely and create wealth for the long-run

Hope you find this helpful and feel free to share with others

Please Note: This is not a recommendation or advice or a tip to make quick money.


  1. In stock market, what is the difference between small cap, mid cap and large cap?
  2. NSE Index
  3. ICICI Balanced Advantage Fund
  4. Tata Large-Cap Fund

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