For a Leo ascendant Mercury in the 8th house and aspects his own 2nd house, Jupiter in the 5th house. What would be the result of the 2nd House here?

For a Leo Ascendant(Zodiac Ruled by Sun):
  1. The 5th House is ruled by Sagittarius Zodiac (Ruled by Jupiter)
  2. The 8th House is ruled by Pisces Zodiac (Ruled by Jupiter)
  3. The 2nd House is ruled by Virgo Zodiac (Ruled by Mercury)
Different Houses and their importance in Astrology
Info provided:
  • Mercury is placed in the house of Jupiter (8th House)
  • Jupiter is placed in its own house (5th House)
‌Sagittarius Horoscope‌ ‌2021‌ - Sagittarius Yearly Predictions 2021
Fiery Sign of Sagittarius Zodiac Ruled by Jupiter
Planet of Wisdom: Jupiter and Planet of Intellect: Mercury
What outcome with regards to the 2nd House?
  • 2nd House represents our speech, wealth gained through our efforts, family values. It is the original house of Taurus Zodiac (ruled by Venus)
  • 5th House represents our talent, children, past life karma, affairs. It is the original house of Leo Zodiac (ruled by the Sun)
  • 8th House represents sudden instances like accidents, surgery, in-laws, life post marriage, joint asset, research among other things. It is the original house of Scorpio Zodiac (ruled by Mars)
  • With this backdrop, we can make the following observations
    • The individual will build wealth through their own efforts by being in the domain of research
    • The individual will be more benefited through marriage or by being in a relationship
    • The individual will do better by working for MNC’s, overseas, or by developing products/solutions for the overseas market

Hope you find this helpful

God Bless!

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