Finding Someone: Dating 101

In the digital age, we find new venues to meet potential partners across a huge pool created by the database.

Dating Platforms: Plethora of Options

Owing to the count of options available, it is really tricky to define what we want & what we need…

Balance between Need & Want

Here, based on my understanding & experience, try to share what might be something’s to look for

  • Action over Words
  • Patience over Enthusiasm
  • Attributes over Looks
  • Abilities over Money
  • Understanding over Bank Balance
  • Vision over Hookup
  • Financial Literacy over Splurging
  • Wisdom over Intellect
  • Faith over Manipulation
  • Communication over Cold Shoulder
  • Responsibility over Timidity

I have listed a few that can really propel you to the next level in your personal and professional life…

How Love Manifests…
Understanding the need & want of a partner

Hope this helps

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Also, if you are planning to date one, this book might help.

God Bless!!

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