When will the individual get married and how is the married life? Details: Born on 01.01.1994 at 18:50 in Karimnagar, India

Birth: 01.01.1994

Time: 18:50 pm

Place: Karimnagar, India

From the details shared, a few things can be said

  1. Cancer Ascendant and Leo Rashi
  2. Saturn Placed 8th from Lagna (in Aquarius Zodiac, Ruled by Saturn)
  3. Saturn Placed 7th from Moon (in Aquarius Zodiac, Ruled by Saturn)
  4. Sun is placed in the 6th House (Sagittarius Zodiac, Ruled by Jupiter)
  5. Jupiter is placed in the 4th House (Libra Zodiac, Ruled by Venus)
  6. Sun(Surya) Mahadasha Ongoing

Vedic Astrology Chart of the Individual


  • Regarding Marriage, blessing & intervention of the elders (father/uncle/teacher) would be needed
  • Balance in a married life would be essential
  • Seldom go for loans (before/after marriage), it will aid the pro-longevity of your happiness
  • Chances of getting married are high in the Sun Mahadasha if someone is introduced to you
  • The wisdom of the partner will be crucial for a successful marriage
  • Regarding Delay in marriage, the marriage house from Lagna & Rashi is both ruled by Saturn. There is no harm in getting married late. The later in the late 20s and early 30s, the better it is.
Jupiter in Libra: Auspicious Planet in a sign of Balance

Hope this is helpful

God Bless!!

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