What is your view on the stocks KPIT, Tata Steel, Trident, and TTML for the long term?

Let me list the stocks

  1. KPIT (Sector: IT)
  2. Tata Steel (Sector: Steel)
  3. Trident (Sector: Textile)
  4. TTML (Sector: Telecom)

Prior to answering the question, a few things should be considered as a rule of thumb:

  • Commodity(iron ore, cotton) dependent stocks are cyclical and are prone to strong corrections
  • Service linked stocks are vulnerable to the ARPU(average revenue per user)
  • Product linked stocks are linked to the uptake and sustained revenues

Now coming to individual stocks:

KPIT: This has an amazing niche of operation and is a “Hold” for gaining capital appreciation beyond the current values

KPIT Tech: 1-year Stock Performance

Tata Steel: With debt restructuring and demand from the Chinese market, the stock has seen a one-way flight. Despite this, it is better to either book profit or “HOLD”. Further buy is not recommended till values are below INR 1000

Tata Steel: 1-year Stock Performance

Trident: Despite the rise in the past year, it is better to exit it as the growth is unsustainable

Trident: 1-year Stock Performance

TTML: A penny stock for the longest of time, the stock has given breakout returns. Despite this, it is a sell/book profit as the capital appreciation will be brought to reflect with the earnings of the organization.

TTML: 1-year Stock Performance

Hope this helps

Happy Investing!!

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