What past life deeds/karmas lead to delay in a marriage?

Karma is an action that an individual undertakes that is considered best in the underlying scenario.

Bad Karma... Always Karma - NationofChange
Karma: A self-sustaining cycle in life

The outcome – repercussions/fallout can only be understood in retrospect but not while performing the Karma.

Creativity boost - Karma – about actions and their consequences
Karma: Outcome for Actions

Owing to this, it is hard to quantify what might be the reason for the delay. Some scenarios can be speculated like:

  1. Karma linked to education (pursuit of it prior to getting hitched)
  2. Karma linked to family (paying off debt or stabilizing before hitched)
  3. Karma linked to an individual/partner (means doing to due in the form of service, a relationship which may not fructify, etc.)
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Why Karma is important?

We can look into the astrology chart and look at things in retrospect but what is done, is done. It is better to focus on life ahead.

Hope this Helps

God Bless!

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