How will Jupiter and Venus behave? Details: DOB is 3/3/1977 at 3:32pm in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Based on the information shared, the following can be stated about the individual:

Rashi: Caner

Lagna: Cancer

Current Mahadasha: Sun

Combust Planets: Mercury

Retrograde Planets: None

Astrology Chart of the Individual

Placement of the Planets:

  1. Jupiter is placed in the 11th House of Taurus Zodiac
  2. Venus is placed in the 9th House of Pisces Zodiac
Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2018 in Libra, Effects - Astrology Predictions
Jupiter & Venus: Planets for Financial Well-Being & Happiness

The following can be stated based on this

  • Venus-Jupiter are controlling the house of Higher Learning and the House of Hopes & wishes
  • Venus is exalted and as Jupiter is also in a stable house, it is able to give good results
  • Jupiter is responsible for finance & well-being. Its placement in the 11th House allows the individual to gain throw higher learning and through Guru’s/teachers

Hope this helps

God Bless!

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