Will RBL Bank become the next YES Bank in terms of the share price?

RBL Bank is among the few banks in the retail space that is known to offer an attractive rate of interest on savings account and fixed deposits.

Logo of RBL Bank

Recently, the bank is in news owing to the departure of its Chief Executive and the Intervention of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to appoint an additional director on the board of the private lender.

Past MD & CEO of RBL Bank: Vishwavir Ahuja

The lender is stuck in a quagmire of its own making through investments in high-risk areas like credit cards and microfinance, resulting in volatility in its earnings. The Covid-19 pandemic has acted to weaken the bank’s financials further.

Financials of RBL Bank

With the intervention of RBI, the memories of YES Bank & Lakshmi Vilas Bank(LVB) have been refreshed.

Weak Banks in India where RBI had intervened in the past

Despite this, the core reason for RBI intervention seems to be an ₹300 crore loan that was written off by RBL Bank within seven months of being sanctioned without proper disclosures or without a chance for resolution/ restructuring. The stock has been in a downward spiral since the departure of MD & CEO and the loan disclosure.

RBL Bank Stock Performance for the Past Year

With the RBI Member on the board and feasibly a new full-time Chief Executive to be appointed soon, the exposures of the bank will be brought to light much before it goes down the road of its peers like Yes Bank & LVB.

Reserve Bank of India(RBI) & Current Governor, Shaktikanta Das

It is best for retail investors to stay away from any bottom fishing till there is clarity about the bank’s dealings

Hope this helps. Happy Investing!


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