Which Antardasha is good during Saturn Mahadasha?

The Mahadasha of Saturn lasts for 19years and is a revelation in terms of unearthing willpower, patience, focus, and gratitude.

Saturn: Lord of Karma

During the Mahadasha, the first Antardasha is of Saturn. Post this, it is of Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter

Among all this, two planets will give favorable results in their Antardasha

  1. Mercury (2nd Antardasha)
  2. Venus (4th Antadasha)
Mercury & Venus: Friends of Saturn

The Zodiacs linked to these planets: Venus(Taurus & Libra) & Mercury(Gemini & Virgo) are also activated in their Antardasha.

Also, the Antardasha of Jupiter is neutral to good. The reason is, Jupiter is responsible for Dharma(Through the Zodiac of Sagittarius) and Saturn is responsible for Karma(that is done by following the path of Dharma)

Jupiter: Ruler of Sagittarius & Pisces

Other than this, Rahu can act as a benefic depending on the placement and influence

Rahu: The Mystical Shadow Planet Controlling the Senses

Hope this is helpful

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God Bless!

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