What is the impact of Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Mercury Conjunction in the 4th house of Libra Ascendant and Rashi?

Based on the details provided, the following noted as follows:

  1. Lagna & Rashi is Libra
  2. Sun-Venus-Jupiter-Mercury is in the 4th House (Zodiac of Capricorn ruled by Saturn)
Libra Ascendant Astrology Chart

The following observation can be said based on the information provided:

  1. With the placement of Ascendant in the 4th house, the individual will work towards gaining happiness linked to their home and home country
  2. Placement of the 10th House(Zodiac of Cancer) in the Ascendant makes the individual self-driven for performing their work and karma
  3. Placement of Sun makes the individual get associated with the Government organizations
  4. Placement of Jupiter (Lord of 3rd & 6th House) aids the individual to overcome challenges through wisdom and gain through competition
  5. Placement of Mercury (Lord of 9th & 12th House) aids the individual to pursue higher learning through foreign-educated teachers or in foreign lands
Symbol of Libra Zodiac

Having said this, a few things are important:

  • Placement, Strength, and Aspects on Venus & Jupiter
  • Condition(Retrograde or Combust) of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus will also decide the outcome
  • Strength and Placement of Saturn as it rules the 4th House
Saturn: Ruler of Capricorn & Aquarius Zodiac

Hope this is helpful

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