At the age of 19, How can I prevent myself from falling for too many girls?

As an individual, it is pretty normal to get attracted to the opposite or same sex, depending on your orientation

Attraction Towards the Opposite Sex

Having said this, there has to be some distinction that needs to be made

  • Is liking someone equal to loving the person?
  • Is the person’s mind attracting you or their body?
  • Can you discriminate between emotions and infatuation?
Life-Altering Questions in Mind

The questions might seem daunting or confusing or utterly useless but there are few things that are a given

  1. At the age of 19, you are just out of your teenage where everything looks rosy
  2. Hormones and a curious mind decide your actions
  3. Peer pressure & opinions shapes mindset versus reality
Teenage: Age of Horrific Confusion

Considering this, it is better to take time and try to understand yourself. The juncture at which you are is critical that can impact you and associated people.

Think before you act


Hope this helps

God Bless!

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