How do I succeed quickly using the share market?

The Stock Market is an amazing way to create wealth by investing a small amount of money in financial instruments listed on it like

  1. Equity/Stocks
  2. Equity Linked Mutual Funds
  3. Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
  4. Debt Linked Mutual Funds
  5. Balanced Mutual Funds (Mix of Equity & Debt)
  6. Bonds
  7. Debentures
  8. Commodities
  9. Bullion (Gold/Silver/Precious Metals)
  10. Derivatives (Futures & Options)
  11. Money Market
Stock Market: Vehicle to Build Wealth

This shows that an individual/retail investor can participate in the stock market based on their

  • Risk Appetite
  • Capital/Funds Available
  • Life-Goals

This being said, it is best to focus on a basic understanding –

“Wealth creation is a process and there are no shortcuts to it.”


Let us look at the pearl of wisdom from the famed value investor in the Stock Market – Warren Buffet

Wisdom from Warren Buffet

Owing to this, it is best to understand there are no shortcuts to succeeding quickly in the stock market. It is best to follow the steps as stated:

  1. Read, Understand and Follow Content on the Stock Market
  2. Start Small – Invest money in small packets
  3. Keep yourself Updated
Wisdom from Warren Buffet

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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