Is it good to exit HDFC Bank stock and enter into Federal Bank stock?

Let us look at the performance of both the stocks over a 20-year period as it gives a good impression after factoring in — Inflation, Bull Run, Slow down, Policies, etc.


Stock Return: ~ 26500%

Federal Bank

Stock Return: ~9000%

From this, we can make some deductions that can aid how & where our capital should be:

  • HDFC Bank has grown from one of the innovative private sector banks in the early 2000s to a bluechip representative of the Indian Banking space
  • The returns are excluding the dividends the company has provided to its share holders
  • One of the notion is that, any entity after becoming a Large Cap is unable to grow fast. This trend though has been ducked by HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank
HDFC Bank Services
(Image: Paisa Bazaar)
Fast Growing Bank: Federal Bank
Jupiter: Neo Banking Platform

Owing to this, it would be prudent to stick with HDFC Bank of you are an exiting investor.

Large Cap Banks in India

If you are a new equity investor, go through the Annual Report and performance of both the banks prior to making a final call based on your goals, capital available and risk appetite.

So, plan your investment accordingly

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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