I plan to quit my job in 15years, where should I invest? My current age is 29 years.

As an individual who has decided on the endpoint of your current job, the focus should be to create wealth by following discipline.

Safety Net During Retirement

Considering your timeline, you have 1.5decade to build your wealth

Accordingly, you can go as follows

  1. Decide on the corpus you have in mind that you intend to generate at the end of 1.5decade
  2. Invest in the financial instruments as follows
    1. Equity (Fraction: 100 — Age)
      1. Stocks (Bluechip)
      2. Mutual Funds (Large cap, ELSS, Multicap and Balanced)
      3. ETF
    2. Debt (Fraction: Age)
      1. Bonds
      2. NCDs
      3. Small Savings/FD
  3. Consider the Peak Average Return ~12%
  4. Prefer Equity instruments over
    1. NPS
    2. PPF
    3. ULIP
  5. If you have an option do increase fractional contribution to EPF by 5–10% every year
  6. Make sure that the end amount is encompassing Emergency Expenses(3–6months), General Expenses (12–18 months), Fixed Monthly Expenses(12–15 months), etc. by incorporating an inflation of 4–6%
Emergency Expenses

Hope this helps

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