What are the effects of the Moon and Ketu in Taurus (8th house) for a Libra ascendant? They are 20 degrees apart.

Let us list down the information provided from your end

  1. Libra Ascendant
  2. Moon-Ketu Conjunction in the 8th House (Taurus Zodiac)
  3. Conjunction Separation 20 Degrees
Vedic Astrology Chart of Libra Ascendant

For Libra Ascendant

  • 8th House is ruled by the ascendant lord Venus through the Zodiac of Taurus
  • The placement of Ketu puts Rahu in the 2nd House in Scorpio Zodiac (ruled by Planet Mars)
  • As per Kalpurush Kundali, Taurus is the original 2nd house responsible for the wealth, speech, and family values
  • As per Kalpurush Kundali, the 8th house is the originally Scorpio Zodiac ruled by Mars and it is responsible for in-laws, life after marriage, and joint assets
Rahu-Ketu: Karmic Shadow Planets

Based on the following data, a few observations can be stated

  1. Rahu is debilitated in the 2nd House but this debilitation will lead to a methodical approach to wealth building. Any shortcuts will be deadly
  2. Rahu or Ketu when tightly conjunct with Moon (< 10 degrees) influences the moon (either the emotions, relation with the mother severely). In this case, as it is loose conjunction, the impact will be felt but it will be pretty benign
  3. The placement of Venus & Mars will be crucial as Ascendant and Rashi lord are the same. Also, with Mars controlling the 2nd house through Scorpio Zodiac, the individual’s value system and ability to accumulate wealth will be determined by it
Mars: Ruler of Zodiac Aries and Scorpio

Hope this helps

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