What is the impact of ‘Saturn Return’ in the 4th house if it is placed in the sign of Aquarius?

We need to understand a few things about Saturn Return

  1. Saturn is one of the slowest moving planets in the transit of planets. It takes 30 years (i.e. 2.5yrs per Zodiac House) to complete an entire circle
  2. The First Saturn Return normally happens between the age of 28.5 to 31
  3. The return forces the individual to evaluate the quality of the choices made in one’s life and whether to stick to them or move in some new direction
  4. If an individual takes a new direction, then this period is meant to sow the essential seeds for the same and stick to it till the next Saturn Return between the age of 57–60
Saturn: Most Misunderstood Planet in Astrology

Now, coming 4th house in the chart of an individual as per Vedic astrology

  1. This house represents the happiness the individual is able to gain in his life – qualitatively and quantitatively
  2. It is linked to the mother, home, the homeland of an individual
  3. It shows the tangible assets(like home, land, car, etc.) the individual will own in his lifetime
4th House: Linked to Happiness

Now coming to the question,

Saturn Return Impact when it is placed in the 4th House(Zodiac of Aquarius)

Query by an Vedic Astrology Follower

A few observations can be made from this

  1. The individual is a Scorpio Ascendant (Ruled by Mars)
  2. 4th house as per the kalpurush kundali is Cancer Zodiac (Ruled by Moon). The placement of Saturn does impact the emotional well being and equation with the mother
  3. As the 4th house is Aquarius Zodiac (Ruled by Saturn), it reduces the impact on the individual
  4. From the 4th House, Saturn aspects the 7th house of partnership which is Taurus Zodiac (Ruled by Venus). Here Saturn is able to bring value to partnerships and relationships. If there is none, it would abstain from fostering them
  5. From the 4th House, Saturn aspects the 10th house of Profession which is Leo Zodiac (Ruled by Sun). Here it can make things a bit itchy with regards to getting timely recognition from superiors like father, teacher, and boss
  6. From the 4th House, Saturn aspects the 1st House(Ascendant) which is Scorpio Zodiac (Ruled by Mars). Scorpio can bring ups and downs linked to the body, mindset, and circumstances. Saturn will stabilize this
  7. During Saturn Return, the planet will impact the 1st, 7th, and 10th houses and provide direction to life prior to the next Saturn return. This can also be the time when the individual can switch jobs, get married or work making themselves better

While having said this, the position, nature, and aspect(if any) on Saturn (like the aspect of Jupiter/ Rahu/Ketu/Mars) will be crucial for determining the final outcome

Saturn: Planet of Karma

Hope this helps

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God Bless!!

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