Are Aquarian women wife material?

Aquarius is a very mysterious and Karmic sign. Accordingly, based on the hearsay and a lot of content on the internet, it seems to suggest that Aquarians are cold, heartless, and do not care. This is irrespective of the gender of the individual.

Aquarius Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer

But is this assertion true?

Cold Natured Individuals

Of course not!!!!!

I will share some of the intricate attributes of Aquarians:

  • Aquarians are strong wiled emotionally charged individuals who are tested at every turn since the early days of life. This makes them unique thinkers
  • Aquarians are the most altruistic people and they assist others even when they might be suffering
  • Aquarians remember even the smallest good thing that has been done to them by others and try to compensate them many times over
  • Aquarians are independent individuals and have a hard time making emotional connections (where they might have to be dependent)
  • Aquarians trust deeply and once broken they never look back even if is extremely hurtful to them

So, if you are looking to date/marry or befriend an Aquarian, you are making one of the best decisions of your life. They will keep nourishing you till the last day of your life.

Aquarius ruled Partner: Trustworthy, Dependable & Emotional

Hope this helps

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Also, if you are planning to date one, this book might help.

God Bless!!

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