I told my friend about my crush and he is blackmailing me that he will tell my mom. What should I do?

Hope you are doing good and it is an interesting question

It takes a lot of courage to like someone, and more of it in order to share it with someone.

Secret: Linked to Personal or Professional Life

Having said that, we normally share our love life with

  • Someone Close
  • Someone we trust
  • Someone who can keep a secret
Good Friends: Best Gift to Self

Now coming to your query,

I told my friend about my crush and he is blackmailing me that he will tell my mom. What should I do?

Query from an individual

From the query, it seems that your friend is either an acquaintance – who you felt trustworthy but was actually looking out for their own

Fake Friends

Considering this, it is always best to speak the truth and never succumb to pressure or coercion.

I would state the following steps can help:

  1. Talk to your mother at the earliest. Your mother will always look out for your interest and it is better she hears from you before your friend creates a mole hill out of nothing
  2. If your mother disagrees with your choice, better break off any connection with your crush. Parents have experience in understanding and gauging situations
  3. Break all contact with your blackmailing ‘friend’ at the earliest
  4. Have a filter for friend selection in the future
  5. Never share everything with someone who you know for a short duration
Being Honest is a Blessing

Hope this helps

You can read some experiences on my blog

Also, if you are planning to date someone, this book might help.

God Bless!

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