Is it safe to invest in the Axis mutual Fund in 2022?

Axis AMC is the seventh largest mutual fund house by asset size in India and has been around for nearly 11years. The assets under management (AUM) were about ~Rs. 1.34 lakh crores in the quarter ending June 2020

Axis Mutual Fund Logo

Axis Bank Limited holds 74.99% holdings in the fund house and the rest 25% holdings are held by Schroder Singapore Holdings Private Limited. It has over 60 lac active investor accounts in various schemes and has a presence in over 100 cities of the country.

With the following attributes, Mutual Fund Schemes from Axis AMC have gained a lot of popularity

  1. Professional Management
  2. Low Expense Ratio
  3. Benchmark beating returns
  4. Thematic Schemes to match market expectations
  5. Low entry barrier through SIPs for retail investors and HNIs alike.

Performance of Axis ELSS (top performing ELSS fund with an expense ratio below 1%)

Axis Long Term Equity (ELSS)

Recently, the Axis Mutual fund was in the news as it took Suo moto action against some of the fund managers for getting involved in Front Running.

As per the information from Market Regulator, SEBI, Axis AMC is not the only AMC that is being probed for front running as the prevalence of the same in tie-up with the fund manager is not rocket science.

Having said this, the controversy has indeed dented the image of Axis AMC. The schemes under the weather are

  • Axis Banking ETF
  • Axis Consumption ETF
  • Axis Nifty ETF
  • Axis Technology ETF, and
  • Axis Arbitrage Fund

These funds though comprise a miniscule sum of the funds/plans offered by the AMC. A rough list is outlined below.

Different Funds under Axis AMC

Considering this, as an investor, it is best to ignore the noise and allow the AMC and SEBI to take due action.

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!


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