What should I do about my stock portfolio? Should I buy now, or will there be more correction?

Let us look at the performance of the Indian stock market in the last

  • One Month (Lower by ~5%)
Nifty 50: 1-Month Performance
  • Six Months (Lower by ~8%)
Nifty 50: 6-Month Performance
  • 12 Months (Lower by ~8.5%)
Nifty 50: 1year Performance

Here it is important to note that the market has seen the following in the past 1year

  1. Rate Hike (Federal Reserve and RBI) with more to come
  2. Inflationary Pressure
  3. The rise in Commodity Prices
  4. Supply Chain Disruption (first due to Covid-19 and then Ukraine-Russia War)
  5. Covid-Zero Policy in China

These instances are important to note as they are not some minor instances but conditions that are set to define the coming decade. Despite this, Global Markets and especially the Indian Markets have been resilient partially due to the soundness of the underlying business and partially due to the optimism that gathered momentum after the third wave of Covid-19.

Growth Projections: India and Global

Considering this, it is best to stay invested and use dips as buying opportunity in the Indian Stock Market. The Indian Growth Story is slowly but surely unveiling itself.

Be a part of the journey and grow your wealth accordingly.

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!


  1. India’s GDP expected to grow at 8.5% in 2022: NASSCOM
  2. India may grow at 9.5% in 2022: Moody’s

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