I’m a Taurus ascendant, 2nd lord debilitated, and Ketu in the 2nd house. Does it impact on communication? How can I improve this?

Let us first list down the information shared with us

  1. Taurus Ascendant
  2. 2nd House Lord Debilitated
  3. Ketu is present in the 2nd House
  4. Rahu is present in the 8th House
Horoscope of Taurus Ascendant as per Vedic Astrology

For a Taurus Ascendant, the second house is the Zodiac of Gemini ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the signifier of intellect, communication and business acumen.

Mercury: Planet of Intellect, Communication & Acumen

As Mercury is Debilitated, it must be placed in Pisces around 10–15degrees. Despite this, one thing can be said about moon & Mercury which is very distinctive.

Both the planets despite having their debilitation in a water house, do not get impacted in the same way as other planets do. This is important to note as Mercury despite loosing its strength in Pisces is able to guide the individual to limit downside.

Now, coming to the next part of the question, Placement of Ketu in the 2nd House (Gemini Zodiac). Ketu’s placement in any house brings its own challenges. Ketu is the signifier of past life karma that we have done. Accordingly, by the placement in the 2nd house that stands for wealth creation through self-effort, speech and family value — Ketu plays a pivotal role in how the individual is able to balance their speech to achieve their goals.

Rahu-Ketu: Shadow Planets linked to Past & Future

Accordingly, following observations can be made

  • Without a benific aspect, the presence of Ketu will lead to impulse speech/behavior that can get the individual in trouble
  • Debilitation of Mercury can cause some issues
  • The individual needs to take time prior to committing to any task or ask. This will assure reduction of impact owing to Ketu
  • With the placement of Ketu, the individual can show lack of interest towards education or towards saving money. Kindly indulge youself to save & learn as it will aid you to grow further in life
  • Rahu’s placement can complicate relationship post marriage or with in-laws. It is better to not indulge in any financial dealings that are not well documented with in-laws
  • Meditate, Reflect on your words before speaking, Take time to think before acting

Hope this helps

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God Bless!!

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