Can I buy I bonds in August 2022?

Bonds are debt instruments that are issued by the government, government-owned businesses, or private companies.

Bonds: Debt Instruments

With the inflation rate being extremely high around the world, central banks are raising interest rates in order to suck out excess liquidity from the financial markets. This they feel will aid in reigning in high demand and bring the cost of essential commodities under control.

Inflation Explained (Ref: Investopedia)

So, as the interest rates are revised, the borrowing across the board starts to increase like the cost of money for businesses involved in manufacturing, services, and lending to commercial/retail borrowers.

Relation between Inflation and Interest Rates

Accordingly, bonds are issued as part of a new borrowing at a higher coupon rate.

Now coming to the question,

Can I buy I bonds in August 2022?

With Inflation set to remain above 6% for the rest of 2022 and early 2023.

Considering this, bond yields for investors will be in the north of

So, as an investor trying to beat inflation – the stock market instruments(equity & debt) seem to be a better venue.

In India, the RBI Retail Direct Portal provides a safe way to bid for newly issued bonds by the state and central government. (Link)

The following list shows the latest tranche floated on the RBI Retail Direct Portal

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