Which stocks have the potential to compound like Wipro in the coming 20 years?

Wipro rode the wave of the IT revolution from the late 90s. This was once in a lifetime situation that played out through out the world with the mass adoption of internet and aided services.

Performance of Wipro (since listing)

Like Infosys and TCS, Wipro can be categorized as a multi-bagger that has performed consistently in the past 2–2.5 decades.

Multibagger Stock: A value multiplier

The next wave of stocks will come from areas like

  1. Pharma (Covid-19 has shown the importance of the sector)
  2. Software Product Companies (that will decide how Electric Vehicles(EV), Energy, and Consumption play out)
  3. Defense (as India is on a modernization drive with a focus on retiring most of the Soviet/Russia-based hardware by 2030–40)
  4. Hardware for IoT & Automation (as Industry 4.0 story rolls out with 4G/LTE and/or 5G rollout for civil, industrial, military, and space applications)
  5. Turnkey & EPC service providers (as India with a growing economy will require new ports, renewable energy clusters, highways, public transport, etc.)
Turnkey Project Layout (Ref)

Kindly do your individual research accordingly and invest in stocks that meet the following criteria

Hope this helps

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Happy Investing!!

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