Websites to refer for Investing in Indian Financial Market


The financial markets provide a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into institutions & individuals who are holding capital.

This capital can be deployed aptly to generate sustainable returns.

Fig 1. Capital Deployment [1]

This seems to be a sustainable model but in this world not everything functions ideally!!

We all remember the various frauds & insider trading instances which have caused rapid fluctuation in securities leading to massive loss to the investors[2].

Owing to this, investors especially retail normally shy away from investing in the financial markets to beat inflation.

So, how can this be overcome??

By striking a balance……

Striking a Balance

This methodology involves the following prior to investing[3][4][5]

  • Check the financials
  • Avoid Believing in Hype
  • Do not go as per recommendation or tips of ‘experts’ which are not backed by rationale
  • Do factor in volatility
  • Do set a target for exit

Now, all the other steps are based on individual discretion.

Let us dig further with regards to point 1

Check the Financials

This can be done by an individual/retail investor as follows

  • Company’s Website, Orderbook & Balancesheet
  • Reports from Rating Agencies[6][7]

Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL)

ICRA Limited

Credit Analysis and Research limited (CARE)

India Ratings etc……

  • Websites of Analysis Companies
  1. Money Control
  2. Value Research
  3. Economic Times
  4. NDTV Profit etc……
  • Websites of Financial Services Companies[8][9][10]
  1. IIFL
  2. Motilal Oswal
  3. SBI Cap Securities Ltd.
  4. Nomura
  5. Prabhudas Lilladher
  6. L&T Capital etc……

Fig 2. Investor with detailed analysis [5]

This should give a good estimate regarding any listed security to an investor.

Fig 3. Empowered Investor[11]

PS: This post is meant to empower investors & not to endorse any specific brand

If you want to share your opinion kindly do so in the comments section or email me at



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