Friendship in the Digital Age

From childhood we know one thing for certain – “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Sounds good?

Let’s evaluate this phrase in the world of social media and mobile connectivity.

With people having more than 100+ friends on Facebook and 50+ likes on almost every Instagram post, it may seem the situation of bonding is at the optimal. Every person seems to know what is happening in the other person’s life. Nothing more can wished for!

Having said that, this is very much further away from the truth!

In a connected world, we are getting driven deeper into our cocoon. Most of our interactions are superficial with only the best non-vulnerable side making it to different platforms!

Is it healthy?

Absolutely not.

The advent of social media has led to a scenario of short term gratification & virtual validation. This may seem pretty benign at the start but slowly this leads to long term alteration in behaviour & emotional responses.

Is there a way to deal with it?


Digital Detox and mindfulness….

Sounds cliche?

It is bound to be…

The rationale for the suggestion is based on the fact that devices, social media are not our veritable arms. They are just a medium to be utilized to stay in touch.

Timed Abstinence and blackout days can help anyone to get back in control…

Try it!

Let me know your views and thoughts.

God Bless!

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