Choice in Tech Chaos

An interconnected world is becoming smaller with newer tech being rolled out at breakneck speed.

At one side, we have iconic entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, who intend to colonize Mars, provide low-cost internet access to everyone & redefine the way we travel among others and other the side there are people who confused about the plethora of options that are infront of them.

With so much talk being made of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Science etc. it feels, it is the place to be!

Anything other than this is just a waste of time…..

Also, I agree, it is overwhelming when someone is trying to chart course for his/her life…..

What’s the way then?

Let’s look at it first by distancing ourselves from the options

This is not the first time that the tech world has got excited over something and it will not be the last time!

Similar excitement was seen in the 1990s when the dotcom bubble undid lot of the technological progress brought in by Internet.

Owing to this, it is better to step back and practice mindfulness. Think whether moving in a herd worth it?

There are many things in life(including career choices) that will remain unaffected even if AI goes through the roof.

Focussing on our strengths and deciding accordingly can bring in long term satiation to the mind which is distracted by tech advancements and its news.

Let me know your thoughts and views through comments.

God Bless!

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