What are the effects of Sun and Saturn conjunction in 10th house of Pisces Lagna/ ascendant?

For Pisces Lagna/Ascendant, the Ruling Planet is Jupiter.

  • Jupiter is the significator of wealth/finance, learning, and Children
  • Jupiter is the significator of the Husband in the lady’s horoscope
  • Jupiter is one of the most benefic planets that has a 5th, 7th, and 9th aspect
Jupiter Ruler of Zodiac of Pisces & Sagittarius

Pisces is the 12th house of the original horoscope(Kalpurush Kundli)

Kalpurush Kundli

This represents:

  • Spiritualism, Isolation, Dreams
  • Foreign Lands
  • Loss of energy-related to any planet placed in this house
Zodiac of Pisces

The 10th house of the Pisces Ascendant is Capricorn Zodiac (Ruled by Saturn).

Zodiac of Capricorn

The following can be said when the Sun-Saturn conjunction happens:

  • 10th house represents a person’s profession in this life
  • Placement of 10th Lord in 10th house strengthens the house further
  • Sun is able to perform well in this house as it is able to channelize their strengths & abilities for furthering their professional growth
  • Sun in Capricorn also shows that an individual’s father can be in government service
  • The person can possibly be away from home & family owing to work. This might be also possible that this was the scenario for their father also
  • The person will be able to move overseas with time

Hope this helps

God Bless!

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