What does placement of ‘Atmakaraka’ in 12th House Signify?

The 12th house as per the original horoscope/Kalpurush Kundali is ruled by Pisces/Meen Zodiac(Rashi):

Kalpurush Kundli

The house represents:

  • Spiritualism, Isolation, Dreams
  • Foreign Lands
  • Loss of energy-related to any planet placed in this house
Zodiac of Pisces

The ‘Soul’ is represented by the Sun and the ‘Mind’ by the moon.

The Sun and Moon In-Depth - Mark Flaherty Astrology
Sun(Soul) and Moon(Mind)

Despite this, the nature of the soul is determined by something called the ‘Atmakaraka’ and the direction for ‘Amatyakaraka’.

The ‘Atmakaraka’ in a chart is known as the planet with the highest degree in the birth/natal chart

Planets in the Solar System around the Sun(Soul)

Owing to this, the ‘Atmakaraka’ planet signifies:

  • Domains in which an individual can find satisfaction
  • Based on the Zodiac + Planet, the strengths & weakness
  • The soul’s wishes can be fulfilled based on the strength of the Atmakaraka
  • Every planet or shadow planet that becomes the ‘Atmakarka’ brings wisdom, experiences, and attributes that are unique by nature

Placement of Atmakarka in the 12th House:

  • This can possibly show an indication of the individual who believes in isolation and spirituality
  • The individual may find happiness through travel and staying away from home
  • They are able to harness their inner strength through contemplation and mindfulness
  • With this placement, the person might face some issues with regards to sleep
  • This placement shows the person’s ability to imagine, be creative and visualize things that can be beyond the comprehension of many (an aiding ‘Amatyakarka’ can make an excellent researcher or psychologist, or a Spiritual Guru)
Spiritual Awakening of the Mind and the Soul

If there is a connection between the 8th & 12th houses with the placement of maraka planets in these houses then death and other fatal illness can be deciphered

Hope you find this helpful

God Bless!

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