What is the best time to part with the joint family of my husband and live separately?

Birth Details:

  • Date of Birth: 04-June-1999 in
  • Place of Birth: Jeddah, Saudia Arabia
  • Time of Birth: 1:30 p.m
  • Current Residence: Lahore, Pakistan

Astrology Chart:

Main Chart (D1)

Placements in the Horoscope:

  • You are a Virgo Ascendant/Lagna(Mercury is the ruler)
Virgo Zodiac Ruled by Mercury
  • Mercury is placed in the 10th House (Gemini Zodiac also ruled by Mercury)
Mercury in Gemini: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life
Gemini Mercury (10th House for Virgo Ascendant)
  • Significator Husband(Jupiter) is the ruler of 7th house through Pisces Zodiac and placed in 8th House(Aries ruled by Mars)
Pisces: Zodiac Star Sign Blank Dot Grid Notebook / Journal Gift by NOT A  BOOK
Spiritual Sign of Pisces (7th House)
  • Ruler of 8th House(Mars) is placed in the 2nd house of Libra Zodiac(Ruled by Venus)
Mars in Libra: Personality Traits and How It Affects Your Life
Planet of Energy/Strength in 2nd of Libra (Ruled by Venus)
  • The ruler of the 2nd House(Venus) is placed in the 11th house of Cancer Zodiac(Ruled by Moon) with Rahu. Rahu-Venus conjunction amplifies the expectation with regards to romance, aspirations, etc. As the conjunction happens in the house of emotions(Cancer Zodiac), the person will want to be with someone who values them and tries to please them with small gestures
Rahu in Astrology - Dragon's Head ⋆ astrology.community
The Master of illusion – Rahu (shadow planet)
  • Ruler of the 11th House(Moon) is placed in the 5th House of Capricorn Zodiac (Ruled by Saturn) with. This placement of Ketu-Moon can affect the qualities linked to the house i.e. an affair, talent, offspring, past Life Unfinished Karma etc.
Your Moon Sign in Capricorn in Astrology
Capricorn Moon (5th House)
  • Ruler of the 5th House(Saturn) is placed in the 8th House of Capricorn Zodiac (Ruled by Saturn). Here Saturn-Jupiter is conjunct and also, Saturn loses its abilities in this house (as Aries Zodiac is contradictory to the nature of Saturn)
What Is the Great Conjunction Between Jupiter and Saturn?
Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction in the 8th House

Question: “Best time to part with the joint family of my husband and live separately”

As Jupiter resides in the 8th house, it signifies that you might have to live with your in-laws with some more time to come. Having said that, post-Oct 2021, there is a window of opportunity where you can stay with your husband.

Jupiter placement possibilities: Foreign Settlement, Wealth creation and Children

Also, in the meantime, try to focus on your emotions and do let anger the better of you in any situation.

Hope you find this helpful. Do share and subscribe if it has been able to bring clarity with regards to understanding astrology.

God Bless!

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