What is the view of Indian Feminists/Liberals about the Taliban attitude and treatment of hapless Afghan women?

In India, despite the rise in violence in Afghanistan and imminent take over of the country by the Taliban, the citizens or ‘Aam Janta’ is in a state of don’t know or don’t care.

Taliban Celebrating their Victory after taking over a province

This is a very sorry state as many millennials (Gen Y & Gen Z) are completely unaware of the lost decade of Afghanistan which was filled with chaos, fighting, and mass executions between different factions and warlords between 1991–2001. This trend per se did not change even after the Taliban took over Kabul in 1996.

Taliban in Kabul in 1996
Taliban Fighters rushing to Kabul in 1996

Similar to the situation during the lost decade, the following things will remain same when the Kabul is again taken over soon

  • No Education for Girls above the age 8
  • No Music, Kite Flying
Kite Flying – Popular Sport in Afghanistan
  • No shaving of beards
  • Women cannot go out without a male accompanying them. If she is found in violation, she will be whipped in public by the religious police
Religious Police punishing women violating Sharia Laws
  • Public execution will be the norm
Public Execution of Opponents
Execution of Sharia Violators
  • Any opposition of any kind will be subdued brutally
  • Child marriages & sex slaves for Taliban fighters will go on (it has already started in the captured provinces
Sex Slavery prevalent in Taliban regime

Feminists or Even Liberals in India can sum up with a simple expression – ‘We do not care.’

This silent acceptance of the expression was clear during the Syrian War when ISIS was taking over the areas belonging to the Yazidis. No female – child, girl, or woman of any age group were spared. They were sold to the ISIS fighters as “sex slaves”.

Rescued Sex Slave Survivors from the ISIS

Look at the predicament faced these women

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/yazidi-women-raped-as-isis-slaves-face-brutal-homecoming-choice-give-up-their-child-or-stay-away/2019/07/30/f753c1be-a490-11e9-b7b4-95e30869bd15_story.html

Yazidi Women who was brutalized in ISIS captivity as a sex-slave

Considering this as template, the current situation in Afghanistan will be no different. The intelligentsia and ‘Feminists’ are not going to protest in any way.

None are aware or feign ignorance despite TV and Youtube Channels blurting out analysis and content regarding what might happen to Afghanistan and its population if the Taliban come to power again.

Sorry to end on a somber note but this is a fact.

God Bless!

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