What is the impact of Jupiter-Mars-Rahu in the first house for a Leo ascendant?

Details Shared:

  • Ascendant: Leo
  • 1sth House: Jupiter-Mars-Rahu

Understanding Basics

1) Jupiter – Significator of Education, Finance, Wisdom & Children

2) Mars – Efforts, Property, Friends/Younger Sibling, Will Power

3) Rahu – Rule Breaker, Amplifier of Energy, Unique Thinker

Force of Mars on Astrology by study of Sharmistha, Mumbai
Mars is the Yog Karaka(Enabler) for Leo Ascendant

4) Mars controls the 4th house (Zodiac Scorpio) & 9th house (Zodiac Aries)

5) Jupiter controls the 5th house (Zodiac Sagittarius) & 8th house(Zodiac Pisces)

6) Houses 1, 4, 7, 10 form the Kendra (Quadrant) Houses

7) House 1, 5, 9 for the trikonasthanas (Trines) Houses

🌿luna giiselle𓂉゚: *✧ on Twitter: "✨💡assessing dharma, artha, kama, &  moksha houses/signs in Vedic Astrology… "
Kendra(Quadrant) & Trikona(Trines) Houses in Astrology

Question: “Effect of three planet combination in the 1st House?”

1) As the lord of other Trine(Jupiter) and Kendra(Mars) is in the 1st house (Kendra + Trine), luck will favor the individual

2) The person is wise by nature and will be able to grow their wealth through their efforts

Mars Jupiter conjunction 2018: What is the Mars and Jupiter conjunction? |  Science | News | Express.co.uk
Two Benefic Planets for Leo Ascendant – Mars & Jupiter

2) Anger might be an issue but this will come out when they are tested terribly

Planet Rahu - Importance of Rahu in Vedic astrology
The Shadow Planet – Rahu

3) They will have a different life perspective and can pursue higher education if they show patience & foresight for it

Saturn: Ruler of Zodiac Capricorn & Aquarius

7) As Ketu is placed in the 7th house of Aquarius Zodiac (Ruled by Saturn) — it can lead to the individual trying to fulfill or accomplish task by themselves rather than getting into partnership. It can also lead to some fear regarding into a relationship or getting married

If Jupiter and/or Mars are not retrograde or having an aspect from Saturn, then the above observations will hold to a lot of extents.

Also, the placement of the Sun(Lord of Zodiac Leo) will be crucial. A weak placement can affect the results making it normal to okay.

Star Stuff: Sun in Leo | magick millenial
Sun: Lord of Zodiac Leo

Hope you find this helpful. Do share and subscribe if it has been able to bring clarity with regards to understanding astrology.

God Bless!

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