Which planetary position signifies an individual becoming a doctor/ surgeon in astrology?

What does Planet Mars signify in Astrology?

Mars (ruler of Zodiac Aries & Scorpio) is a significator for activities like being in the field

  • Engineering (Mechanical, Automobile, Aerospace, etc.)
  • Medical (Surgery)
  • Mining & Oil Exploration
  • Construction
Mars the ruler of willpower, strength and energy

Which planet is the significator for becoming a doctor/surgeon?

For becoming a doctor/surgeon, the placement of Mars is also important

  • Mars in 6th, 8th, 12th can show someone who is a physician/doctor/surgeon
Mars in Scorpio
  • Placement of Mars in the Nakshatra of Ketu can also show a surgeon
1st Nakshtra(constellation): Ashwini, Ruler: Ketu, Zodiac: Aries
  • Placement of Mars as 10th or 5th house lord in 8th house can show a surgeon
Good Placement of Mars is essential to become a surgeon

Other placements which aid the quest for becoming a doctor/surgeon?

Other than this, the placement of planets like the Sun, Moon, Ketu, and Venus is also important for someone to do good in the medical field

  • Placement of Sun in 6th House
  • Placement of Ketu in the 6th or 8th House
  • Placement of Moon in the 8th house
  • Placement of Venus in conjunction with Mars or Aspected by Mars
Sun Placement in the 6th House makes the person service oriented & perfectionist

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God Bless!

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