As per astrology which planet rules media?

There is no one planet as such that can be said to have a complete hold over how the media runs or how someone can excel in the field.

Different aspects of Media

You need blessings/good aspects from planets like Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, Mercury, and Mars for doing well in Media

Having said that, if you want to develop the most important then it has to be

  • Rahu – Provides Visualization and Imaginative Thinking
  • Venus – Gives a taste for Literature and Arts
Rahu: Shadow Planet which holds the aspirations of the person
Venus: Planet of Luxury & Materialism

Without the assistance of these two planets, the person will lack the creativity to join or be a part of the Media Business for long.

The other planets are supporting in nature as per their attributes and will aid the person to propel themselves further

  • Mercury – Communication
  • Jupiter – Understanding and Finance
  • Mars – Will to get things done

During the Mahadasha of Rahu/Venus and Antardasha of Jupiter/ Mars/Mercury, the individual will see a sudden improvement in their prospects.

Mahadasha: The long reign of a certain planet during a person’s life

These are generic predictions and further detailed study of the chart is essential before coming to a conclusion

Hope this helps

God Bless!

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