How can I make ₹1000 with ₹200 from stocks stock market in 3 months?

At the start, I would like to reiterate,

The stock Market is a way to build wealth and not to make a quick buck

Wealth Creation: Investing in the Stock Market

Having said that, stocks that are bought at a low price give amazing returns when

  • The market is in a bull-run
  • Exceptional performance by the stock in terms of quarterly results
  • Presence of Bubble in the market
Bubble in the Stock Market

So, taking the question:

Capital Invested → ₹200

Money Made → ₹1000

Return → 400%

Duration → 3 months

This can be achieved by

  • Investing in a penny stock (which fluctuates wildly)
  • Increasing the capital (from ₹200 to ₹1000–₹10k)
  • Increasing the horizon(from 3months to 9–15months)

The last option is the safest one which will assure capital is secured and money return is made

An Example: Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar (penny stock)

Stock Performance over the past 1-year

This stock rose from ₹4.5 to ₹23.5 (~400% Return) in July 2021

Despite this, the stock has corrected back to ~₹13.7 level (Oct 2021). This shows that sustaining high returns is not possible without the company being sound or the horizon for compounding to take place.

In the end, only one quote comes to mind

Pearl of Wisdom from Warren Buffet

Hope this helps

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God Bless!

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