What will happen when Mars and Rahu are placed together in the 10th house of a Scorpion ascendant?

For a Scorpion Ascendant(Zodiac Ruled by Mars), the 10th House is ruled by the Leo Zodiac(Ruled by Sun)

Scorpio Zodiac: Ruled by Mars

Sun-Mars have a very amicable relation with Mars being the Yogakaraka for the Leo Ascendant(Lagna)

Sun & Mars: Authority and Will Power

Mars placed in the 10th house is a good position as it gives the person willpower and drives to achieve the pinnacle in their professional career

Mars placed in the 10th House of Profession

With the conjunction(Rahu-Mars) in Leo, the following can be observed

  • Placement of Rahu in 10th House(Leo Zodiac) puts Ketu in 4th House(Aquarius Zodiac). Hence the placement of Sun & Saturn will be important for the results linked to the 4th-10th house in which the shadow planets are placed
  • The placement of Rahu-Ketu will dictate that individuals will pursue goal-oriented tasks that bring accolades and rise in their career while staying away from home and the crowd. Also, as Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars & Ketu, the placement of Ketu in 4th does take a bit of happiness away. The person finds more peace of mind in chasing new venues for defining success
Karmic Nodes: Rahu(Future) and Ketu(Past)

Hope you find this helpful

God Bless!

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