Who are you most grateful for in 2021?

A great question considering the things that are happening in the backdrop (Covid-19 Pandemic)

Covid-19: A Pandemic that has impacted the entire humanity

Let me list a few things I am grateful for/to in 2021

  1. Life:
    1. Getting both the shots of Covaxin to shield by health against Covid-19. This is true as many parts of the world are yet to receive their first/second shot owing to a shortage of vaccines
    2. Ability to travel outdoors with some precautions with regards to work/pleasure like Feb-March 2020
  2. Willpower & Distinction: As a budding entrepreneur, the goal is to find
    1. Recognition: We as a startup received more than what we could ask for since Jan 2021 with the final culmination being an interview in a national daily (Link)
    2. Funds: We received grants/seed funds from national and international entities
    3. Rollout: We were able to develop our end-product to a lot of satisfaction by the middle of this year despite Covid-19 linked disruptions
  3. Ability: As a market-linked investor, I was able to figure out
    1. Value Buys: Something which had good value but was under pressure/correction
    2. Multibaggers: Growth Compounders
    3. Stable Returns: High Dividend Paying Instruments
  4. Passion: To focus on a few things that nourish my soul
    1. Writing: Blog/Quora
    2. Spreading Financial Awareness: Articles/Sessions
    3. Reading: Covering different Genre of Content
    4. Mentoring: For Higher Education, Life and Relationships

Being Grateful for this year

The list may not belong but this is what I had set out for and believe this is what I will pursue a more satisfying/fulfilling value-based life.

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