When will the individual get married and how is the married life? Details: Born on 17.08.1988 at 2:05 am in Hyderabad, India

Birth: 17.08.1988

Time: 2:05 am

Place: Hyderabad, India

From the details shared, a few things can be said

  1. Gemini Ascendant and Virgo Rashi
  2. Saturn Placed 7th from Lagna (in Sagittarius Rashi, Ruled by Jupiter)
  3. Mars Placed 7th from Moon (in Pisces Rashi, Ruled by Jupiter)
  4. Jupiter is placed in the 12th House(in Taurus Zodiac, Ruled by Venus)
  5. Jupiter Mahadasha Ongoing
Vedic Astrology Chart of the Individual


  • Marriage will be a bit delayed or might find difficulties towards fruitification if tried before 30
  • A love-cum-arrange scenario is better suited
  • Partnership in the marriage will work when there is respect & space
  • Marriage will bring fulfillment
  • Marriage will happen in the Jupiter Mahadasha
5 Mysteries of Jupiter That Juno Might Solve | Britannica
Jupiter: The Most Auspicious Planet in Astrology

Hope this is helpful

God Bless!!

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