How can I pay off my debts? Details: 29 July 1963. POB is Mumbai. Time is 2:30 am (night)

The details provided are as follows:

Born: 29/7/1963

Time: 2:30 AM

Place: Mumbai

From the details shared, a few things can be noted

  1. Ascendant: Taurus (Ruled by Venus)
  2. Moon Sign/Rashi: Libra (Ruled by Venus)
  3. Placement of Venus: Cancer Zodiac (Ruled by Moon)
  4. Nature of Venus: Combust
  5. Current Mahadasha: Mercury
  6. Next Mahadasha: Ketu (Dec 21, 2021)
Vedic Astrology Chart of the Individual


  • Saturn is retrograde and aspects Cancer, owing to which it can incur expenses owing to father, husband, or travel(which might be unnecessary)
  • Find a Guru/Teacher who can aid in restructuring your finances
  • The past is the past, do not dwell on it, move ahead
  • Believe in saving & living within means, do not go to please others
  • Do not invest in something that you do not understand
  • Do not borrow or lend money. Avoid as much as possible
  • Next Mahadasha is Ketu, do not take any kind of shortcuts in life
Gemstone for Ketu Mahadasha| Cats Eye Gemstone| Ketu Stone| Lehsunia
Ketu: Representative of the Past Life Karma

Hope this is helpful

God Bless!!

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