What are the effects of the Venus and Mars conjunction in the 9th house for a Libra ascendant?

Libra Zodiac is ruled by Venus. Along with the First house, Venus also rules the 8th House through Taurus Zodiac.

Libra & Taurus: Zodiac Ruled by Venus

Accordingly, for a Libra Ascendant, the 9th House is the Zodiac of Gemini(Ruled by Mercury)

Zodiac of Libra: Attributes

We need to note a few things prior to coming to the observations

  1. Venus Rules the Zodiac of Taurus(8th House) & Libra(1st House)
  2. Mars Rules the Zodiac of Scorpio(2nd House) & Aries(7th House)
  3. Mercury Rules the Zodiac of Gemini(9th House) & Virgo(12th House)
Gemini & Virgo Zodiac: Ruled by Mercury

Now coming to the observations:

  • Wealth can be built through the pursuit of higher education/learning
  • Speculative bets regarding career, relationship, or finance should be avoided
  • Working with overseas companies(through MNCs) or overseas can be beneficial
  • Try to manage time after committing to any task

Having said this, the placement of Mercury, Conjunction between Mars-Venus and aspect on the 9th House of Benefic/Malefic Planet can change the outcome to a lot of extents.

Hope this helps

God Bless!

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