Can you share about the career and wealth potential of the individual? Details: DOB 25/06/1986 at 12:25 PM in Kamarhati, Kolkata.

The details shared are as follows:

DOB: 25/06/1986

Time: 12:25 PM

POB: Kamarhati, Kolkata

Astrology Chart of the Individual

Lagna: Virgo (Ruler: Mercury, Status: Direct)

Rashi: Capricorn (Ruler: Saturn, Status: Retrograde)

Current Mahadasha: Jupiter(Guru) Mahadasha, Venus Antardasha

Next Mahadasha: Jupiter(Guru) Mahadasha, Sun Antardasha

retrograde planets – psychologically astrology
Retrograde Planets: Nature of Planets that provides divergent results

The following observations can be made from this:

  1. Mars & Saturn both are retrograde which in turn will impact the houses under their lordship – Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  2. Placement of Jupiter & Moon in the Aquarius & Capricorn will lead to subdued results on the academic/financial front
  3. Ketu sits in the 2nd House and its ruler in Cancer(11th House, ruled by Moon). Considering this, it is best to invest money only in long term assets, no gambles or quick returns
  4. Be Careful about investing in property without doing due diligence
  5. Marriage will happen but it will take time as the ruler of the house(Jupiter) is placed in a retrograde planet’s house
  6. Research Related role in an Academic, Industrial, or Government Organization is a suitable profession for you
Saturn in Scorpio: How It Impacts Your Personality and Life
Scorpio Saturn: Karmic Placement

Hope this helps

God Bless!

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